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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


First of all , ABDC ? what is that ? It is America's Best Dance Crew , presented by Randy Jackson . Yes , that judge from American Idol . I found my love towards this show after watching Poreotics ( Season 5 Champ ) dancing dopely , awesomely , sick-ly and so on . through out Season 1 - 5 , all the episodes are freakin' awesome that make me can't stop watching . I feel sad when each crew is eliminated . My tears somehow came out when I know that Fanny Pak ( Season 2 ) , the creative 80's crew was eliminated . when I know that Season 6 is showing , I searched for all the sources to keep myself up-to-date about it . God bless me , I found a channel on Youtube - RandyOrtonLegendX , which uploads all the episodes of every seasons . Thanks a mill RandyOrtonLegendX channel ! =D 

So , in Season 6 , the competition was never easy , each and every crew will have to kill the performances like nobody's business to stay on the show . when a crew got eliminated , it is always sad to see . tears always come out easily . but , only one crew , can be crowned the title of America's Best Dance Crew . It's the rule . So , the Champ of this Season is ...

The Champ of Season 6 ! With a crew of 6 members , 4 guys and 2 girls , these talented group of dancers from Houston , Texas have brought tutting to the next level , the brain bangers and so on . I.aM.mE killed every shows like nobody's business . They deserve the title of America's Best Dance Crew so much . of course , not to forget the other crews , they are amazing too !

ICONic Boyz 
the crew that is made up of the dancers which are all only 10 years old or so . the youngest group on the show and they manage to made it to finale . Big ups to them ! I respect them a lot . they have the guts and talent . KEEP IT UP boys ! =D 

The first ever pole dancing crew on the show . these ladies hopes to break the negative image of pole dancing and reconstruct it as an art form . in fact , IT IS ! Pole dancing is also the best way to slim down . but it hurts . OUCH . 

787 Crew 
From San Juan , Puerto Rico , this Latin B-boy dance crew had no fear with the crazy stunts during every performances . Even though one of their members was injured while doing a flip that he has done a hundred thousand times , the crew still goes on with the crazy stunts and the injured member was able to dance on wheel chair . sexy much ? 

Eclectric Gentlemen 
these awesome gentlemen have taught workshops and toured with musical artists around the world, but they now aspire to reach a higher level and gain recognition in the dance industry. they have brought a unique professional style to the stage . Dance like gentlemen ! 

this crew from Chicago has shown us how energetic their footwork are . Freakin' awesome . being the only girl in the crew with 6 guys , Donetta worked double the times harder than the others to show that she can do what the guys did . the spirit in her really inspired and motivated me . Keep ya FootworKINGz ! =D 

Instant Noodles 
the Asian crew on the show , Instant Noodles is from Taiwan ! The first dance crew from Asia ! =D these B-boys aims to inspire future generations of b-boys while remaining true to their craft . In stead of having a signature style , they have signature concepts -- building movement with an idea rather than just adding steps . These Asian B-boys have ripped on stage and probably stolen some hearts too . 

Phunk Phenomenon
the Phunk Phenomenon is a company of unique multi-ethnic and multi-cultural urban artists who create an intriguing blend of modern and traditional dance styles . their performance is always with a unique synthesis of style and appearance . the crew members have been working very hard to bring the title of America's Best Dance Crew to the East Coast . Phunk Phenomenon is also fighting to raise awareness for Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare disease that is afflicting the son of the crew's founder back home in Boston .

ReQuest Dance Cre
All the way from New Zealand , this all female crew has left their hometown to L.A to compete the title of ABDC and also to inspire women all over the world to get up and dance . ReQuest Dance Crew is currently riding high as the 2010-2011 World Hip Hop Dance Champions . Ya'll have represent it for the ladies ! Keep It Up ! =D 

Street Kingdom
Having experienced rough inner city life in Los Angeles , this co-ed dance crew knows the meaning of hardship . The crew members found their passion for Krumping , a highly energetic style characterized by free, expressive and explosive movements . It has never been easy to stay on the show , but they manage to make till Top 4 . Awesome ! =D 

to me , all the crews are WORLD'S BEST DANCE CREWS ! =D

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