Ma Favourite Quotes

- time only exist so that everything doesn't happen at once -
Albert Einstein

- truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffer for -
Bob Marley

- you can only be young once , but you can always be immature -
Dave Barry

- the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math -
Ambrose Bierce

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


First of all , ABDC ? what is that ? It is America's Best Dance Crew , presented by Randy Jackson . Yes , that judge from American Idol . I found my love towards this show after watching Poreotics ( Season 5 Champ ) dancing dopely , awesomely , sick-ly and so on . through out Season 1 - 5 , all the episodes are freakin' awesome that make me can't stop watching . I feel sad when each crew is eliminated . My tears somehow came out when I know that Fanny Pak ( Season 2 ) , the creative 80's crew was eliminated . when I know that Season 6 is showing , I searched for all the sources to keep myself up-to-date about it . God bless me , I found a channel on Youtube - RandyOrtonLegendX , which uploads all the episodes of every seasons . Thanks a mill RandyOrtonLegendX channel ! =D 

So , in Season 6 , the competition was never easy , each and every crew will have to kill the performances like nobody's business to stay on the show . when a crew got eliminated , it is always sad to see . tears always come out easily . but , only one crew , can be crowned the title of America's Best Dance Crew . It's the rule . So , the Champ of this Season is ...

The Champ of Season 6 ! With a crew of 6 members , 4 guys and 2 girls , these talented group of dancers from Houston , Texas have brought tutting to the next level , the brain bangers and so on . I.aM.mE killed every shows like nobody's business . They deserve the title of America's Best Dance Crew so much . of course , not to forget the other crews , they are amazing too !

ICONic Boyz 
the crew that is made up of the dancers which are all only 10 years old or so . the youngest group on the show and they manage to made it to finale . Big ups to them ! I respect them a lot . they have the guts and talent . KEEP IT UP boys ! =D 

The first ever pole dancing crew on the show . these ladies hopes to break the negative image of pole dancing and reconstruct it as an art form . in fact , IT IS ! Pole dancing is also the best way to slim down . but it hurts . OUCH . 

787 Crew 
From San Juan , Puerto Rico , this Latin B-boy dance crew had no fear with the crazy stunts during every performances . Even though one of their members was injured while doing a flip that he has done a hundred thousand times , the crew still goes on with the crazy stunts and the injured member was able to dance on wheel chair . sexy much ? 

Eclectric Gentlemen 
these awesome gentlemen have taught workshops and toured with musical artists around the world, but they now aspire to reach a higher level and gain recognition in the dance industry. they have brought a unique professional style to the stage . Dance like gentlemen ! 

this crew from Chicago has shown us how energetic their footwork are . Freakin' awesome . being the only girl in the crew with 6 guys , Donetta worked double the times harder than the others to show that she can do what the guys did . the spirit in her really inspired and motivated me . Keep ya FootworKINGz ! =D 

Instant Noodles 
the Asian crew on the show , Instant Noodles is from Taiwan ! The first dance crew from Asia ! =D these B-boys aims to inspire future generations of b-boys while remaining true to their craft . In stead of having a signature style , they have signature concepts -- building movement with an idea rather than just adding steps . These Asian B-boys have ripped on stage and probably stolen some hearts too . 

Phunk Phenomenon
the Phunk Phenomenon is a company of unique multi-ethnic and multi-cultural urban artists who create an intriguing blend of modern and traditional dance styles . their performance is always with a unique synthesis of style and appearance . the crew members have been working very hard to bring the title of America's Best Dance Crew to the East Coast . Phunk Phenomenon is also fighting to raise awareness for Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare disease that is afflicting the son of the crew's founder back home in Boston .

ReQuest Dance Cre
All the way from New Zealand , this all female crew has left their hometown to L.A to compete the title of ABDC and also to inspire women all over the world to get up and dance . ReQuest Dance Crew is currently riding high as the 2010-2011 World Hip Hop Dance Champions . Ya'll have represent it for the ladies ! Keep It Up ! =D 

Street Kingdom
Having experienced rough inner city life in Los Angeles , this co-ed dance crew knows the meaning of hardship . The crew members found their passion for Krumping , a highly energetic style characterized by free, expressive and explosive movements . It has never been easy to stay on the show , but they manage to make till Top 4 . Awesome ! =D 

to me , all the crews are WORLD'S BEST DANCE CREWS ! =D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Killed Mid-Term Exam

Yay ! Exam is FINALLY OVER . after 2 weeks plus , it was like 2 years for me . It was okay , I manage to answer without leaving any blanks . Oh wait , I did . 1 Add Maths question . I did until I feel like puking . It has was toooo many find-the-range-value questions . Sucks . I always done the paper like 1 hour before the time ends . Major of them . And I'll eventually fall asleep while waiting . Waiting SUCKS ! 5 minutes is like 5 hours .  Anyways , it's over ! Exam is no big deal . to me . =D Gonna eat , dance , sleep and PARTY till the MAX ! =D #Everydayimshufflin

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fruitcake Special

It's the name of a special perfume found in a short story . Is it found in the market ? I'm not sure . A chemist , threw a piece of fruitcake that she was eating into the perfume mixture as she was working . This perfume has a special power that attracts men to the user . of course I mean the users are women as men don't use strong smell perfumes eh ? The chemist tried it on herself as she can't show that bottle of perfume to her boss . Imagine , a small piece of fruitcake in a bottle of perfume . It looks like a ... let's just say it'll just ruin the image of the company . She tried it out once , strangely , her boss was attracted to her as her boss is an ego man who dates only 'perfect' girls . Pretty , sexy , tall , elegant , you name it . that perfume also made a waiter fell for her , oh wait , the perfume . of course , she's not attractive at all when she's not wearing it . But she manage to found someone who truly love her . A pizza company owner . millionaire . hahah . anyways , come think about it , if this perfume really exist in real life , men will not be working but chasing all the women . sorry , perfume . and women , will spend everything they have to get this . maybe I should make it . The next billionaire - Alicia Teoh . Smexay . =

    =  ?   

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was checking out all the stuffs that are found in my computer , and I found out that there's a back up files before my computer got fixed . stupid me as I only realised the existence till now . looking at the photos , they kind of brought back all the moments . Happy moments . Such as :

Played Flour + water with the awesome weirdos . =D

It was FRIM trip if I'm not mistaken . good times . =]

had a clinic with Dato' Misbun , Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Dato' Misbun's students .

Got their signatures . I'm happy . =]

Baked them . Blueberry Cheese tarts and Sponge Cake . =9

that tasteless plain fried Keow Teow . 

Hey baby . <3 

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 - 17 , 21 - 30

had badminton tournament today . the good news is , we have Atikah , who is in the best 16 for the first time ! =D and the bad news is , I lost during round 2 . I hate myself . Literally . I was aiming for at least round 3 . but oh well , it's over . let it be . at least I get to kill the 1st round with 30 - 17 . =] anyways , I do not know why , I got really nervous this year . for some unknown reasons . that nervous feeling just filled up the spaces in my heart . I hate myself . I knew that I could have done it better . oh well . I seriously have to train myself . in any ways . and yes ! teacher finally agrees with having our own badminton T-shirt ! I'm be the designer , I'm sure it'll be awesome . God bless me . =D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Camp 2011

Yay ! went to Morib for Family Church camp . it was awesome . the best camp site ever . First day , dinner , ice-breaker , session , lights off . oh wait , before lights off , went for Articulate . the game that we will never get bored . It was awesome . =D the next day , rise and shine , early devotion , breakfast , session , break , session , photography session , lunch , free time , telematch - overall , it was awesome . I hate caterpillar race , where the team will have to form a straight line , squad down , hold the person in front's shoulder / waist , and walk . squad down when you walk . though just one round , but everyone looked exhausted after that game . my legs hurts . =[ after telematch , volleyball game , bath , dinner at Golden Sea Restaurant , the place was awesome , located beside the sea . they have a space for you to ride a motor-jeep ( something like that ) , a swing under the tree . =D not to forget , the food , it was awesome too ! after dinner , went to the pasar malam which is just few minutes drive for the restaurant for cendol and ice kacang . it is the very big pasar malam . there are people playing football on the sand ! =D the dessert was awesome . after dessert , went to the stall and found this "helicopter" thing , it has a neon light , and you can fly it up to the sky . awesome . I bought it . =D after that , went back to the hotel , my chalet . when i was about to sleep , Ash gave me a call and told me it was Ben's birthday and asked me to join them . According to Kai Jen , they have did different versions of birthday song , Jazz , Blues and some I don't remember , and they should have raggae for the next version , oh well , it failed . hahahah . then , we played Articulate till late night , around 0230 . Due to the rematch which requested by David , he still lost in the end . oh , there was ghost stories before that . after the game , David walked me and Nicole back to the chalet . He didn't really walked me back , just like a few steps , then I solo . I have the guts bebeyh ! *wink* the last day , rise and shine , early devotion ( i skipped ) , breakfast , session , prize giving ( my group won ! ) and closing ceremony , packing and check out , lunch , then home sweet home . =D about the Speaker , named Mike Griffin , the freakin' awesome speaker . he is not boring at all but motivating . He likes to get us into groups for discussions , then sharing . He tells jokes too ! which always works . =D

Hotel Impian Morib


p/s : ignore the stuffs on the beds please . =]

the view from the balcony 

Swimming Pool 

I call this - Garden of Eden 

Restaurant Temasya - where we had our meals 

Golden Sea Restaurant 

Seaside view - always awesome =D

from left - Noel , Jeremy , Zachary , Kakak and anonymous =]

Sean and Natalie . two cute little kids . or should i say couple ? =D 

Mei Li . and the swing ! =D

awhhh . Lil Sean and Lil Natalie . don't they look cute together ?  =D

quiz time ! which is me ? =D

From left - Jen Yin , Jen Ai and Mei Li

Lil Mischa & Sophia 

Flower girls ! Lil Mischa , Janna , Sophia and Mei Li 

Lil Sean with 2 flowers ! =D

Lil Jaden with 2 flowers ! =D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hint ?

Oh well , after a pretty long time . I still feel that I don't wanna kill this blog .
okay . first ,

Q : what have I been up to ?
A : nothing much , study , eat , sleep , goofing around , dancing , living my awesome life . oh , just had exams , overall was okay . bad news , i failed add maths with the lowest mark I've ever get in my life . FML . good news  , I got highest in class for Chemistry and Biology ! The A's . *wink* I found out that I've improved a lot compare to previous years . I'm so proud of myself ! =D

next ,

Q : the purpose of this post ?
A : okay , cut the crap . the purpose of this post is ...... to tell story . it's not real , but it happened in my dream . for 4 nights . the stories are different , but they all lead to the same point . I'M IN LOVE . it's pretty ridiculous . I don't mean that I will not fall in love in my life but , this happened 4 nights straight . madness . I don't really remember all but there's this one , I remember the most . =]

I was assign to go to this school to take pictures as I have pretty awesome photography skills . So when I was taking , my Friends who studied in that school called me and we chat . In the group , there was is guy whom I don't know , they introduced me to him and vice versa . His name is Ken . so , we started to hang out and we got really close . one day , Ken asked me to be his prom date with a bouquet of roses . I was surprised and didn't know what to do . but I accepted his invite . It was my first prom ever , I didn't know what to do . Ken brought me out to buy the things need for prom , e.g : dress , accessories , etc . without me asking him to do so . At that time , we were still close friends . After 1 week , it's Prom ! it was a busy day , been out since morning . set up my hair , get a make up , everything that are supposed to be done . after that , Ken picked me up with his Porsche . The prom was grand . Really grand . Like a very formal ball . but , it's more excited that a ball . =D We were sticking together all night long . We danced together , played games together . there was this slot , where you have to shout out that you love this specific someone as a punishment if you lost the game . Like a confession huh ? He lost , and he "confessed" to me . I didn't know what to do but laughed . treat it as a .. joke . then , he's drunk . I , as his prom date , have the responsibility to take him home . so , I drove his Porsche . Woooh ! in his house , he was pretty heavy that I literally dropped him on the sofa . He vomited like mad , I have to take care of him until i fell a sleep in his house . The next day , he woke up and saw me was in the position of sitting down and my head was on his chest . He dare not to move for the sake of don't wanna wake me up . after not long , I woke up too . I saw him looking at me and hands on my head , I jumped up . Literally jumped up . He got up from the sofa and asked me did he do anything embarrassing yesterday . I laughed and said nothing . He asked again , I gave him the same reaction . again . He started to tickle me . then , he pulled out a ring which is made by ring with a flower on top and asked me to be his girl friend . I was like "is this a joke ?" he looked at me and tell me that he is serious when it comes relationship . In the end , I said yes with doubting . =]